Legal Matters Rap Blog


Yo, listen up, let’s talk about legal jive,
From contracts and taxes to staying alive.
If you need a sample contract for drafting services,
I got the link, it’s got everything, no stresses.

Looking for an earth law center internship,
To make a difference, to make a real rip?
Or maybe you want the contract of engagement definition,
It’s all right here, no need for detention.

Wondering if you can turn someone in for not filing taxes,
I’ve got the deets, no need to relaxes.
And if you’re selling a house, dealing with capital gains tax,
I’ve got the scoop, all the facts in my pack.

Let’s talk about the legal definition of court,
Where justice is served, where truth is brought forth.
Or the cochabamba agreement and its legal implications,
You’ll find it all here, no need for impositions.

If you’re retiring and need to know changes in retirement rules,
I’ve got the lowdown, no need to drool.
And when buying a plot, what legal documents do you need?
I’ve got all the answers, no need to plead.

Finally, if you’re wondering about the indite legal meaning,
Look no further, I’ve got everything gleaming.
So when it comes to legal matters, just know I’ve got your back,
With links and info to keep you on track.