The Martian Legal Odyssey


It had been three long years since Mark Watney had been stranded on Mars. As he sat in the Hab, meticulously calculating his oxygen levels, he suddenly found himself contemplating a different kind of survival: the legal intricacies of life on Earth.

The first question that crossed his mind was, “Is it legal to bank overtime hours?” After all, he had spent countless extra hours working to stay alive on the red planet.

Then, Mark’s thoughts turned to the intricacies of Greek law. How different would his situation be if he were subject to the legal system of another country?

Suddenly, a loud beep echoed through the habitat, reminding Mark of the gun laws in New York. If he were to ever return to Earth, he would need to understand the regulations and rights surrounding firearm possession.

As he continued to contemplate these questions, Mark realized that the legal landscape had likely changed during his time away. He wondered about the new HDC law of 2022, and how it could potentially impact his life back on Earth.

Even on Mars, Mark couldn’t escape the complexities of California STD reporting laws. It seemed that legal matters followed him no matter where he went.

Then, a thought crossed his mind: What would be the legal term for closing a business? After all, he had effectively closed up shop on Mars, with no plans of returning to his potato farm.

Suddenly, Mark remembered the promise he made to himself: to pursue a bachelor of law degree in Sri Lanka once he returned to Earth. It seemed that even in the desolate wastelands of Mars, the pursuit of legal knowledge was never far from his thoughts.

As Mark continued to reflect on the legal intricacies of Earth, he was pulled back into reality by the sound of growling in the distance. It reminded him of the legal limit of dogs in Texas, and how his beloved pet rover, Opportunity, would need to be accounted for under the state’s pet laws.

Just as he was about to drift off to sleep, Mark received a legal notice for not serving notice period from his former employer. It seemed that even on Mars, legal matters couldn’t be escaped.

As Mark drifted off to sleep, he realized that for him, the legal journey was just beginning. And as he dreamt of a future where he could return to Earth, he knew that the legal intricacies of life back home would be waiting for him.