To the are a picture of Potter’s former companion as well as their young buck who was simply a witness inside the Potter’s basic huge situation


To the are a picture of Potter’s former companion as well as their young buck who was simply a witness inside the Potter’s basic huge situation

Potter and you will Linares discover that Adelita keeps effectively been put immediately following the brand new convoy carrying their particular is actually hijacked. He has got even more issues than simply responses but not as the representatives holding Adelita was in fact deceased and you can she was only standing from the scene, the vehicles you to definitely attacker the fresh communicate was basically found burnt with no shade out-of who was simply trailing this new violence.

Potter tries to name Hobart. At the rear of everybody’s straight back he made an effort to have Alvarez kidnapped to have guidance to the Adelita experience, reading zero reports, Potter concerns the newest terrible. The guy brings information on Felipe Reyes, the daddy out of EZ and you may Angel and you can desires to make use of them as the leverage.

“Hunahpu” [ ]

Potter and you will Linares join up through to hearing reports one to Adelita possess eventually given birth. Potter wants to know exactly who the father is and you may says to Linares to move Adelita towards interrogation side. Then he obtains a response regarding Reyes brothers, verifying their meet.

Potter would go to meet up with the brothers, the guy enquires about what was in envelope EZ are clutching, Angel says to him which features his “filthy nothing treasures” to the. The guy opens the package which will be horrified on it’s content material. EZ explains they’ll leak all the info and you will destroy Potter’s career. He lunges from the Angel when he tends to make risks going and you can see the woman however, he’s effortlessly kept back because of the EZ. Potter takes a moment to help you compose themselves and requires his agencies to stand off. He requires the two what they want because of their quiet and you will EZ tells miss the actual situation facing Felipe and work out one another your in addition to their late mother, Marisol Reyes People in america. They supply Potter day otherwise he could be accomplished.

Potter is on the telephone, looking to over his avoid of the price the guy strike that have the newest brothers. Linares will come having DNA results for Adelita’s baby, the outcomes concur that Angel ‘s the dad of the youngster. Potter orders the little one is completely removed. The guy together with gives Angel a keen ominous telephone call you to definitely evening, revealing he knows the newborns paternity – and, in the event the Potter enjoys people say about number, Angel’s young buck cannot understand whom his father was.

“Part the final, Nothing Much more to enter” [ ]

Potter can make his return to deliver a last crushing strike in order to Miguel. Miguel receives a phone call away from Potter. Potter alerts your you to definitely Palmono try deceased, slain from the Los Olvidados while the Galindo Cartel appears in charge due on the affiliation on the rebels. Miguel’s assets in both the us and you can Mexico was basically seized and you may federal representatives could be at their home within 45 moments. Miguel needs to understand why Potter is actually informing your each of so it and he just says one to possibly he’s not ready to retire yet ,.

Potter returns to their household in which their girlfriend, Sofia and you will young man are. Just after making the us government the guy relatively gone back to his nearest and dearest. Sofia sends him out over pick some food, he stores to and production once again, just to discover their family was no place found. Adelita reveals by herself, proclaiming that Potter’s family unit members has not been injured and you may she’d never make it their young buck to watch his father die such as for example she got so you’re able to. Potter gets puzzled since Adelita tells Potter that she slain their unique young buck. Potter assures her you to her child is alive and you will rates she need spoken so you’re able to Linares very first. Adelita, remembering Linares’ terms and conditions doesn’t want to believe Potter exactly what the guy is saying is sensible. Their particular son was the sole power Potter got more their particular, why must the guy eliminate your. Potter turns they right back on her stating that if he dies, she’s going to never select their particular child.


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